Vote Andrew K. Moller
For Eden Prairie City Council

Letters to the Editor:

Andy Moller is right for the City Council
By Mary and Andy Trick
(reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 27, 2018)

We are writing this letter to encourage you to vote for our neighbor and good friend Andrew (Andy) Moller. We have known Andy for seven years and are very pleased with the great job he has done in eradicating buckthorn on his lot and planting numerous evergreen trees. Andy has done an excellent job organizing neighbor gatherings which gives our neighborhood a greater sense of community. We enjoy gardening and often exchange fresh garden produce with Andy.

We believe Andy is the most-qualified candidate running for Eden Prairie City Council. He has an MBA from the University of Minnesota. His positions on the issues are well-thought-out and to the point. He is a straight shooter and does not beat around the bush like so many politicians do.

We are very intrigued by Andy's comments regarding the city's cash balance. At the of 2017, the city had $82.2 million in cash and investments while the 2018 general fund budget is $45.8 million. We concur that property taxes should be reduced if the city can operate safely with a lower cash balance.

We will be voting for Andy Moller for Eden Prairie City Council and request that you do so as well.

Moller is financial expert
By Robert Rozanski
(reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 24, 2018)

Our EP City Council urgently needs a proven financial expert who cares what we think. Andrew K. Moller ( is just such a person. He understands budgets, finance, the need for fiscally-responsible policies, and accountability.

For example, the Council approved a $21 million aquatic center expansion without a referendum. This is funded by $17 million in bonded debt, adding over $7 million in interest cost. The council did backflips to avoid voter approval. Whether you support or oppose this large expenditure, Moller knows it should have been submitted to voters, because it was the right thing to do.

As a former vice chair of the Human Rights and Diversity Commission, I follow city issues with interest. The council has eliminated the important Citizen Budget Advisory Commission. Without this grassroots feedback, we need the financial expertise of Andrew Moller more than ever.

Moller will keep property taxes in check and foster a positive business environment. To encourage new perspectives and more citizen involvement, he proposes a limit of three, four-year terms for City Council.

Let's put a fresh, fiscally-responsible, ethical, accountable, 29-year EP resident on the council. Please vote Andrew K. Moller for City Council.

Andy Moller will work for EP residents
By Stu Oftelie
(reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 22, 2018)

Andy and I both graduated from the University of Minnesota. We worked together 30 years ago and have remained friends ever since.

Andy will put his common-sense financial skills to work on behalf of all residents. His website,, provides details about his ideas to make City government more efficient and cost effective. The good thing about Andy's ideas is that they do not impact the high level of City services that we've come to expect.

Andy's analytical and inquisitive nature will allow him to question budget assumptions and past practices. I am confident that Andy will encourage city staff to network with their peers in other cities to identify areas where operations can be made more efficient.

Andy's background includes 10 years of experience as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Christopher & Banks Corporation. He is comfortable dealing with people at all levels of an organization. I can personally attest to Andy's outgoing and generous nature. Andy is an avid gardener and donates fresh produce to the food shelves at the Eden Prairie PROP shop each year.

Andy Moller is the most qualified of all the City Council candidates. He has an undergraduate degree and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. If you're looking for a fresh perspective and a true taxpayer advocate please join me in voting for Andrew Moller for Eden Prairie City Council.

Andy Moller will work for EP residents
By Paul Wendorff
(reprinted from the Eden Prairie News, October 19, 2018)

I have known Andy for several years and meet with him regularly to discuss various issues concerning Eden Prairie. He is an enterprising leader who is accountable and innovative. Andy will take a common-sense approach to looking out for the best interest of our residents and taxpayers.

Andy Moller has the best background of all the City Council candidates. He has an MBA from the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. In addition, Andy has 25 years of private-sector experience including a decade as chief financial officer of a publicly traded company.

We are very fortunate that a candidate with his background has stepped to run for City Council. Eden Prairie no longer has a Citizen Budget Advisory Committee and needs someone like Andy to bring an outsider's perspective to the review of the city budget.

In addition to his financial expertise, Andy has a love for the outdoors. Andy will work to implement ideas to preserve the city's 1,400 acres of open spaces and forest lands for future generations.

Please join me in voting for Andrew Moller for Eden Prairie City Council.

News Articles:

Meet the Eden Prairie Council Candidates
By Patty Dexter
(reprinted from the
Eden Prairie News, August 23, 2018)

Andrew K. Moller

Age: 59

Address: 11037 Branching Horn

Date Filed: 08-14-2018

Livelihood: Retired chief financial officer for Christopher & Banks Corp.

Family: Three nieces, three nephews and two grandnieces

Three main issues:
1. Work to lower property taxes. Moller said he planned to thoroughly review the city’s annual comprehensive financial report to identify the areas he sees as opportunities to reduce expenses.

2. Maintaining and upgrading infrastructure. Moller said he’s had personal experience with a storm sewer that collapsed in his backyard in 1987 and resulted in a significant amount of erosion. He added that preventive maintenance is a necessary city function.

3. Term limits for Eden Prairie elected officials. “Three four-year terms is enough for mayor and city council,” Moller said. “With term limits, I think it allows for more fresh perspectives and more citizen involvement.”

Why am I running?
Moller said he’s running because he believes he can make a difference “at a key inflection in Eden Prairie’s history.” He has 30 years of private-sector finance experience, including a decade as chief financial officer at Christopher & Banks. “We really need someone with financial experience on the City Council,” he said.

• SD48 Republican Party
“At their party endorsing convention on August 20, the delegates of the Senate District 48 Republican Party gave Andy K Moller their unanimous first ballot endorsement.”

• Jeff Johnson
GOP candidate for Governor
“I am pleased to endorse Andy Moller for Eden Prairie City Council. Prior to his retirement, Andy had a successful 30-year career in the private sector including a decade as Chief Financial Officer of Christopher & Banks. He will bring financial expertise and common sense to the City Council. Eden Prairie no longer has a Citizen Budget Advisory Committee and needs an outsider who is a financial expert on the Council to provide oversight of City operations. Andy believes the City should focus on performing its core responsibilities well and look for ways to reduce property taxes. Please join me in supporting Andy Moller for Eden Prairie City Council.”

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